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Peanuts… A Super-powered Superfood Grown by Superheros

19 March 2021 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog News Peanuts & Your Health

The world was caught off guard in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic. Peanuts proved to be a necessity to many Americans during this uncertain time. According to the National Peanut Board, March 2020 peanut butter sales increased 75% over the previous year, and per capita consumption of peanuts increased to 7.6 pounds in 2020 – […]

Peanuts are Part of a Healthy Diet for Life

12 March 2021 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog News Peanuts & Your Health

National Peanut Month is a great time to focus on Peanut Nutrition. USDA released the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) at the end of last year. The DGAs are notable to the peanut industry for the following reasons:   For the first time ever, the DGAs have included nutrition guidance for infants and children […]

How Peanuts Power Heart Health

5 March 2021 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog News Peanuts & Your Health

WHAT WE EAT HAS A DIRECT CONNECTION WITH HOW WE FEEL Our food can help protect our bodies against certain diseases and health conditions. When it comes to our hearts, peanuts in particular can provide some big-time benefits – which is why they are certified as part of the American Heart Association’s ‘Heart Check’ program. […]

March is National Peanut Month

26 February 2021 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog News

March is National Peanut Month. It’s a time to celebrate the little legume with big impact on our health and our economy. Alabama peanut growers are proud of the peanuts they grow, and they take pride in growing a nutritious and sustainable food source for our state, nation and the world.   The Alabama peanut […]

Peanut Allergy Treatment Provides Parents Hope

25 February 2021 by: Abby Himburg In: Alabama Peanut Blog News Peanuts & Your Health

Henry County parents, Caleb and Freda Bristow were heartbroken, yet determined after finding out their youngest son Sam, suffered from a peanut allergy. For some parents this information may seem frustrating and inconvenient but for the Bristow family it was very problematic.   Caleb Bristow grew up on a peanut farm, manages a peanut buying […]

Put Some Peanuts on It: An epic twist to the traditional sweet potato casserole

13 October 2020 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog Peanuts & Your Health

Are you looking for a show-stopping addition to your seasonal culinary offerings? You don’t know a perfect pairing until you’ve tried this peanut-topped sweet potato casserole. Rich in flavor, texture, and loaded with healthy protein, fiber, Vitamin D, iron, and potassium, this is one dish you can feel good about adding to your holiday table. […]

Improve Your Daily Routine with a #PeanutPause

11 September 2020 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: News Peanuts & Your Health

Keeping a daily routine to stay healthy is crucial to long-term success. But when it comes to finding time for our health in our daily schedules, that’s usually a lot easier said than done. That’s why we love the Peanut Pause. By taking a moment of your day for just one daily ounce (about a […]

Eat Up!: Prevent peanut allergies from a young age

by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog Peanuts & Your Health

Peanut butter pie, peanut cups, boiled peanuts, things deep fried in peanut oil,… we know, we know, peanuts are an incredibly versatile food packed with protein, healthy fats, fiber, iron, and more. They are found in a variety of dishes and in some of the most delicious foods. Yet, for many people, these delicious offerings are deadly. […]

The Power of Peanuts for Growing Kiddos

14 August 2020 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Alabama Peanut Blog

Back-to-school season is here! Whether your child is returning to the classroom in-person or virtually, a healthy lunch is critical to keeping kiddos focused and fueled up for all of the day’s lessons. Of course, the challenge can be finding nutritious options that kids actually enjoy.   Enter the peanut.   Packed with protein for […]

Simple, Healthy Recipes for Home Cooking

6 April 2020 by: Kaye Lynn Hataway In: Peanuts & Your Health

Pantry Items as Base for Tasty, Nutritious Meals   Today, more than ever, it’s important for adults, children and seniors to focus on healthy eating and healthy habits. To provide simple, tasty and nutritious mealtime ideas, The Peanut Institute has curated a collection of recipes that include a number of pantry staples.   Nutrition scientist […]