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2020 Version

Growers can successfully manage important diseases, using Peanut Rx. This disease risk index can help growers better understand how careful selection of production practices can reduce the risk to disease losses.

Virtual Field Day at the Wiregrass Research & Extension Center

View the videos here –

Welcome from Larry Wells, director of Wiregrass Research & Extension Center

Welcome from Greg Pate, director of Experiment Station Research

Peanut Pests

Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, Part 1

Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, Part 2

Cover Crop Grazing Practices

Dr. Audrey Gamble

Anna Johnson

Dr. Steve Brown

Dr. Ron Smith and Dr. Scott Graham

Stinkbug in Cotton

Dr. Steve Li, Part 1

Dr. Steve Li, Part 2

Cotton – William Birdsong

Peanut Pest Identification Cards

Click here for a PDF on Peanut Pest ID Cards

Websites of Interest

American Peanut Research and Education Society, Inc.

National Peanut Research Laboratory

Auburn University College of Agriculture

IPM Communicator

Alabama Extension – Peanut Crop Information