Peanuts: The Superfood That Fights Cancer – Alabama Peanut Producers Association


The Peanut Institute is bringing awareness of the cancer fighting properties of peanuts to do their part in creating a healthier world.


Multiple studies have found associations between nut consumption and reduced risk of cancer mortality. In fact it has been shown that peanuts specifically have many nutrients with cancer-preventive properties, including unsaturated fats, certain vitamins and minerals and bioactives.
Breast Cancer – A 2015 study found high consumption of peanuts and tree nuts was associated with a 2-3 times reduced risk of breast cancer.
Pancreatic Cancer – A 20 year study found consuming just one teaspoon or more of peanut butter daily was associated with significantly reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer in men.
Colon Cancer – One 2018 study reported women who ate peanuts and tree nuts two times per week had a 13% lower risk of colorectal cancer. Colon cancer patients who consumed nuts (including peanuts and peanut butter) two times per week also had a lower incidence of cancer recurrence and death.
Esophageal Cancer – Eating peanuts one to three times per week reduced esophageal cancer risk by 38%, while eating them four or more timese per week lowered risk by 70%.
A review of studies noted that several components found in peanuts work in a synergistic way to block cancer cell development. Two compounds with anti-cancer properties are phytosterols and resveratrol.
Phytosterols – are known to reduce bad cholesterol, but there is evidence phytosterols may also inhibit lung, stomach, ovarian, prostate, colon and breast cancer by preventing cancer cells from growing, as well as cutting off blood flow to cancer. Studies have found phytosterols reduce prostate tumor growth by over 40%, and decrease the chances of cancer spreading by almost 50%!
Resveratrol – this antioxidant has been shown to cut off blood supply to growing cancers and inhibit cancer cell growth. Found in both raw and roasted peanuts, as well as peanut butter, resveratrol has exhibited evidence for cancer protection, as well as promise in treating Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

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