Peanut Growers Spreading Good During COVID-19 Pandemic – Alabama Peanut Producers Association

Peanut butter is one of the most popular food items requested by food banks. Not only is it full of protein and several essential vitamins and nutrients, peanut butter is shelf-stable, versatile and does not require refrigeration. Alabama peanut growers take pride in growing a crop that provides so much to those who are food insecure.


“We are blessed to grow a wholesome and nutritious crop,” said Carl Sanders, president of Alabama Peanut Producers Association and Coffee County peanut farmer. “Peanut farmers are honored to share peanut butter with our friends and neighbors.”


The Alabama Peanut Producers Association and its farmer members have donated 5,760 jars of peanut butter to regional food banks across Alabama to help with the demand for food due to COVID-19. The peanut butter was provided by Peanut Proud, Inc., the nonprofit industry organization dedicated to humanitarian efforts.


The donations were given to local food banks in our growers’ communities, including the Wiregrass Area Food Bank, Feeding the Gulf Coast, Judson Baptist Association, Elba Community Food Bank, Covington County and Peanut Butter & Jesus of Sulligent.


“Peanut butter is a protein source that doesn’t require refrigeration. It is an absolutely crucial item to have on hand in a Food Bank,” said Julie Gonzalez, assistant director of the Wiregrass Area Food Bank. “We at the Wiregrass Area Food Bank are so grateful to our friends at the Alabama Peanut Producers Association for helping us to meet the needs of our community, especially when non-perishable foods are hard to come by and needed most.”


The Alabama Peanut Producers Association encourages everyone to help farmers in “Spreading Good,” and donate peanut butter to local food banks.


The Alabama Peanut Producers Association represents the interests of Alabama peanut growers through education, promotions and research.

“Spreading Good” is the National Peanut Board’s initiative to share the love of America’s favorite and most-consumed nut-peanuts-and pass along that joy to our local communities.


Jacob Davis (right), executive director of the Alabama Peanut Producers Association, and David Hanks, executive director of the Wiregrass Area Food Bank, stand with a pallet of 1,440 jars of peanut butter that will be handed out to food insecure families in the Wiregrass.