Alabama Peanut Producers Association

The Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank in Dothan, Ala. received 2,880 jars of peanut butter this morning from the Alabama Peanut Producers Association (APPA). That’s enough to make more than 51,000 peanut butter sandwiches.

The donation was made possible by the check-off dollars APPA receives from the approximate 1,200 peanut growers in the state.

The thousands of jars of peanut butter were donated by Peanut Proud, a non-profit organization which was created to assist in humanitarian relief efforts.

Not only are donations made to area food banks, but Peanut Proud also provides emergency assistance to those affected by natural disasters such as the recent flood areas in South Carolina.

Also attending today’s large delivery was Jason Rudd, president of the National Peanut Festival Association who presented a $700 check to the food bank.

Special thanks to Southern Ag Carriers for providing the delivery of the peanut butter.

IMG_6734 SM 2 (2)On hand for the special delivery were: (L-R) Jason Rudd, president, National Peanut Festival Association; David Hanks, executive director, Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank; Caleb Bristow, executive director, Alabama Peanut Producers Association; and peanut growers Thomas Adams of Newville, Ala. and George Jeffcoat of Gordon, Ala.