APPA Holds Annual Meeting – Alabama Peanut Producers Association
Peanut farmers from across Alabama gathered in Dothan for the 2022 Annual Alabama Peanut Producers Association (APPA) meeting on Thursday, February 3.
One order of business for this meeting was the election of five board of director seats. Having two seats in Geneva County, Jimmy Royce Helms and Jesse Scott were both re-elected to their positions. Billy Hixon was re-elected to hold the seat in the Northwest District. Tom Corcoran was re-elected to his seat in the Northeast District. Finally, Jason Weber was newly elected to the Escambia County seat.
On February 17th the new APPA board members voted to re-elect their current officers. Carl Sanders of Coffee County has been President of the APPA board for 22 years and will continue to serve in his position. Mark Kaiser of Baldwin County will serve his 6th year as Vice President. Treasurer, Jerry Byrd of Dale County, will serve his 22nd year.
The association is voluntarily funded by peanut growers and its programs are directed by a board of 15 growers. Directors are elected by grower delegates from each of the major peanut producing counties. The number of delegates from each county is determined by the number of acres in that county.