Tri-state Peanut Disease Tour – Alabama Peanut Producers Association

Albert K. Culbreath
Dept. of Plant Pathology

The University of Georgia

We are planning to have the Alabama Georgia portions of the Tri-State Peanut Disease Tour. Dates will be Sept 22 in Tifton, and Sept 23 in Headland. Proposed date is Sept 24 in Quincy, FL, but still waiting on final word for that.

We are working on plans to allow maximum viewing of the plots, with minimum health risks. We’re certainly open to suggestion on how best to accomplish such. I do believe with plot layouts this year we can have a worthwhile tour while still maintaining social distancing.

Please realize, that plans may change quickly, if it looks like we need to cancel the tour for safety reasons.

Hope to see you on the tour.

Thank you!