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Griggs recognized during conference

5 August 2014 by: alp_admin In: News Peanuts & Political News

Former Alabama Peanut Producers Association Executive Director Randy Griggs, center, was honored during the morning session of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference today. He is pictured with APPA Executive Director Jim Cravey, left, and APPA President Carl Sanders. Randy joined the Alabama Farmers Federation in 1978. During his time in Montgomery, Alabama, he served as Director […]

Loan rates for 2014 crop

24 June 2014 by: alp_admin In: News Peanuts & Political News

WASHINGTON, DC, June 24, 2014 — USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) today announced 2014-crop loan rates for four types of peanuts. The 2014 Farm Bill established the national loan rate for peanuts at $355 per ton, which is unchanged from the previous farm bill. CCC calculated the price support levels for each peanut type using […]

Peanut growers approve referendum

17 June 2014 by: alp_admin In: News Peanuts & Political News

Peanut producers in Alabama have approved the continuation of a statewide peanut checkoff program with a 100 percent favorable vote for support. Under state law, the check-off program must be voted on every three years. Twenty-five polling sites were located in twenty-one counties where peanuts are produced. The Alabama Peanut Producers Association administers the check-off […]

APPA opposes changes in 2014 Farm Bill

11 June 2014 by: alp_admin In: News Peanuts & Political News

The Alabama Peanut Producers Association (APPA), a member of the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation (SPFF) joined other farm organizations in signing a letter encouraging lawmakers to oppose all amendments to the Fiscal Year 2015 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that may harm the new 2014 Farm Bill law. The SPFF is comprised of the Alabama Peanut Producers […]

Peanuts on planes protected

10 April 2014 by: alp_admin In: Peanuts & Political News

(CNN) — Packets of peanuts are in no danger of disappearing completely from airplanes. In a nutshell, close up website lp peanutsthere’s a law protecting them. Last year, the Department of Transportation asked the public about a possible peanut ban on planes and other measures it said it was considering to address severe allergies among […]